One way to amplify an entertainment experience and create a longer lasting sense of fulfillment is to initiate events for people to remember internally as well as on the surface...

Great Times Event Productions - Motivational Entertainment
Ask us how we can work with you to help 'inspire' the 'individuals' within your organization or whom are attending your special event.

Some examples of Motivational Entertainment:

Dr. Dj?
No seriously, contact us to schedule an appointment with the doctor to hear about how a delicate mix of appropriate and uplifting music can really help to create a culture that can appreciate 'the time to relax & celebrate'. It's a common situation; it's that special night of the year, you're all dressed up, the venue looks great, the food was delicious but there was little incentive or encouragement toward enjoying the evening in it's entirety because you're finding it difficult to enjoy the dj's choice of music. There are many factors that interlink with a successful Disc Jockey entertainment experience that are important for people to consider when booking a dj service...
Team Building
Group Interaction Activities
Great Times Events Game Show(s)

and if that does not work...
Hypnotist ? ? ? ? ?

Keynote Speaker(s)
(The Art Of Focus)