Awards & Recognition Events - Technical Support & Event Services

A celebration for the outstanding individuals and their accomplishments! Awards and recognition events can be described as one of the most important aspects to consider toward maintaining a successful operation, business or corporation. The best leaders know...
From the perspective of rewarding staff: the people that work hard to support the operation will accomplish greater productivity when they know they're valued, appreciated and respected.
From the perspective of rewarding customers: the people that choose to support/utilize the service(s) you provide will most certainly appreciate knowing they're appreciated. VIP Parties, Customer Appreciation Day's are outstanding and extraordinary ways to supercharge your customer loyalty.
Event planning, entertainment and technical support for corporate awards & recognition events in Winnipeg, Brandon and rural Manitoba as well as Eastern Saskatchewan and Western Ontario.

Important factors for successful corporate awards & recognition events:
1. Attractive Decor & Quality Technical Support: The look/sound/feel and decor of the venue can be often underestimated. Adding decor, lighting, quality sound & video can really make a significant impact as guests will capture a sense of honor and positive anticipation toward a meaningful event. Additionally, how many times have you been to an event where you can't hear what is being said and/or you can't see videos, presentation slides or other media? Planning is KEY and one of the main approaches toward protecting the integrity of your upcoming corporate awards & recognition event.
2. The Venue: For the most part the venue & food is predetermined as most requests are for corporate technical support and entertainment services. However, exceptions will be made for events that require assistance with selecting/booking a venue. One main consideration is space. For smaller more intimate corporate awards events - smaller venues with just enough space can be what you're looking for. However, if you're planning events with a larger number of guests expected, it is important to avoid cramming guests into smaller spaces. Venue space is also a consideration when planning larger event productions with one or more entertainment services.
3. Quality Entertainment: Corporate awards & recognition events can be exciting and memorable for many reasons. One common factor at the root of it all is a specific goal to honor and reward award recipients. Good quality entertainment can be a one key aspect that helps to create enjoyable lasting memories and a sense of complimentary appreciation for many guests. Great Times and the network of entertainers, musicians, dj's & technicians are committed to a standard of excellence. (Entertainment Services / Suggestions)

Common production services;
Experienced event technical support, stage decorations, sound systems, video equipment (pre-event video production) and theatrical lighting technology to artistically light the stage/podium/entertainment & room lighting.

Awards Emcee/Host Service;
Professional emcee/host announcer (MC) service is available upon request. Event planning & scripting required.

Event Planning is included with every event. Committed to a standard of excellence and integrity!