Dependable live entertainment & technical support for bands/musicians!
Considering live entertainment for an upcoming event?
We can help you... by providing bands/musicians for your event that are part of our network.
We can help you... search/research live bands/musicians that match your requests.
Planning an event that includes live entertainment that requires technical support?
We can help you... with technical requirements for your event including band/musician expectations.
Want assistance promoting your band, music or artistic talents?
We can help you... set the stage for your band/music/talent with technical support you can trust.
We can help you... by recommending venues and promotional ideas to the extent it is welcome/available.
We can help you... create a promotional event or 'new release event' including tours across Canada.
We can provide... customized entertainment solutions for you and your budget. Event planning is included with every event. A complimentary consultation will help to evaluate/predetermine the potential for an agreement leading toward a successful event/adventure...

The Great Times Events & Entertainment Network is interlinked and geared toward creating custom events that include the right style of live entertainment. Live bands, musicians and entertainers can be an excellent entertainment choice for corporate events, graduations, weddings & anniversaries, festivals and special events.
Primary service area: Winnipeg, Brandon or rural Manitoba, Saskatoon, Regina or rural Saskatchewan, Kenora, Thunder Bay or Western Ontario with services available across Canada.

For many traditional events, a good quality band with talented musicians playing all the best covers is what will do the trick. The Great Times Events Band(s) (hi-lighted at bottom of page) will help to bring your event to life with the best live tracks from the oldies, classic rock, rock, country, pop, dance, disco, funk and Latin.
Lounge Style Bands/Musicians: Classy background cocktail style entertainment.
Full Stage Traditional Bands/Musicians: Traditional meaning full band, usually louder with the enticement for celebrating with dance.
Live music and entertainment from unique solo, duet and trio style entertainers. We'll help source appropriate act(s) for special events by utilizing entertainers that are part of the network and/or assisting you with locating dependable live acts that are not part of the network. If you're a unique act, consider promoting your act independently and/or with us for those within the primary service area.
Managing the logistics of the stage for standard/detailed events including live entertainment is an important consideration to help protect the technical integrity of your event. From first impressions to final encores we're focused and attentive toward the success of your event...! Quality sound and backline support, modern lighting technology interactive & on cue and video screen/projection services.
Life is filled with opportunities when you're paying attention... Creating something can be magical and we're here to help bring your vision(s) to reality. Promoting your talent starts with setting goals. If your goal is to make the most of it for just one day - or - if your goal is to make the most of it and continue growing... we're here to help bring your talent(s) to the stage and vision(s) to reality.
Assistance finding the right venues to promote your talent. Private property and outdoor stage or tent events are great options for promoting talents.
Great Times Events - Network Bands
Cocktail / Lounge Style - Live Bands

Featuring: Copper Moon
A smooth and refreshing vibe that includes unique solo and harmony segments bringing new sounds to classic covers... Copper Moon Band is an excellent fit for events looking for that special touch that the guests will recognize as a memorable medley masterpiece.
Great Times Events - Network Bands
Full Stage Style - Traditional Bands
Featuring: Hatfield McCoy
The look, the sounds, the feeling... will come alive with some of the best rock, classic rock, country, dance, disco and funk songs performed 'live'. Give your next event a reason to get on the dance floor with the enticing sounds and stimulation from the Hatfield McCoy Band.