'Just For Fun' - Mobile Casino Rental Service - Event Bookings

Great Times Events features the mobile casino entertainment adventure experience! The Great Times - 'Just For Fun' Casino Adventure event production is designed for corporate special events, private parties, lounge entertainment, seniors activity nights and more... Our approach to creating a authentic casino entertainment atmosphere is successful due to the attention to detail(s) we put into planning for every event. The mobile casino entertainment experience can be booked separately as a individual service or combined with other services as part of your event production in Winnipeg, Brandon or rural Manitoba as well as Kenora, western Ontario & eastern Saskatchewan.

The GREAT TIMES - CASINO ENTERTAINMENT ADVENTURE is ideal for clients that are looking to create a fun, interactive and memorable entertainment experience where everyone can be involved at their comfort level. The mobile casino gaming service event productions will help to keep your group interested and engaged at your upcoming special event. This event creates a sense of unique excitement for experienced casino players as well as those who have never played a casino table game before. Our casino game host representatives will be welcoming and outgoing as they explain the rules/process of each table/game to each group of new players/participants. Everyone can experience the 'thrill' of a casino gaming entertainment atmosphere without spending a dime ; ) The most common casino games requested for mobile casino gaming rentals are;

Blackjack is the most popular casino game request for event rentals/bookings. The goal is to beat the dealer by getting as close to 21 as possible without going over (busting). 7 player spots at each table with the ability to welcome 2 more when tables are in high demand.
Another popular casino game request! With 37 numbers on the wheel, place your bets on a individual number or group(s) of numbers. Roulette tables and dealers can manage 7-10 players at a time.
Wheel Of Chance
Featuring our newest casino wheel The Glowing Wheel Of Chance. Adding a third dimension to the fun casino gaming service with a black light atmosphere! Casino wheel game hosts can manage up to 10-12 players for each spin of the wheel.
Poker & Texas Hold' Em & War
Poker is one of the most classic card games with Texas Hold' Em being one of the most popular modern versions of it. As these casino games can appear to be intimidating to learn for many participants this table will also host the game of WAR. Basically players will have the option to choose what game they would like to play. If the table is not active with poker and texas hold em players, the dealer will generally defalt to 'war' as it is the easiest game to teach with straight forward odds/rules... ONE CARD and the higest card wins. This table offers 3 casino games in 1 with the intention to keep it interesting and easy for guests to understand. This table (usually sitting on chairs) seats 6-7 players at a time.
Craps Casino Game
Craps is the casino game that most people think about from the movies... The classic 'throwing of the dice' shot/game...!

Coming soon - available starting June, 2018.

Running time: 1-3 hours for most events/quotes.
For events that require mobile casino services for longer than 3 hours (eg, fundraisers, carnivals, rodeos, etc) - special preparations can be made upon request.
Event Planning required and included with every event.


Prizes are a great incentive for everyone to try their best and have fun with the casino adventure. At the end of the casino allotted running time, we will exchange their casino chips/money for auction tickets. The more chips/money guests have - the more auction tickets (and chances to win the prizes) they will be given to enter into the prize draw(s).

The 2 most common approaches to prizes are:

1. We can provide a 'Money Tree' for you. We will purchase and decorate a 'tree' with a designated dollar value worth of scratch and win tickets. It is illegal to gamble for real money outside of federal government gaming centres/restrictions within Manitoba and across Canada. The money tree prize is a great alternative and opportunity for guests to have a chance to win some 'real money'.

2. You provide/purchase prizes that can be used at the end of the casino.